TekNight V3


Acces: Cu plata

At last year's b-day bash we shook the grounds of Fabrica @ Mysterio Teknight
This year We're keeping the same tradition by bringing alongside our team
a Special Guest originary from Italy 

Come to dance with Us till the last one standing !
Express your deepest emotions freely while getting entangled in our hypnotic basslines & rhytms
Feel the bass pumping in your chest & unleash your inner self without any hesitation because that's what our events are all about , re-descovering yourself and sharing amazing vibes with everyone around.
Since We celebrate Mystik's 26th anniversary don't hesitate to wish him happy b-day or even cheer a glass if You see him. We we're truly surprised by the amount of people present at our last events so We'll put a limit on the number of tickets available avoiding overcrowding the venue so that everyone can have a good time.