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Imagine this:

You arrive at the rave, you dance, you sweat, you kiss, you laugh, you drink, you almost fall down the stairs, you make friends with an unknown person in the bathroom who tells you how beautiful you are, you laugh, you drink, you dance, you dance, you dance, you declare your sincere love to your mates, you dance, it's 6 in the morning. When the hell did it all happen? And you want more.

That's why MACHINA ELECTRONICA starts its deafening engines again for a new and very special rave - with live instruments. And guess what? IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE. 

Those who will take care of shaking your boots are:
- STUN: bringin' the most elegant minimal house
- REKUZ + CJ Capatan (drums): throwin' some furious drum and bass with live drums
- Leondari + Doppelgänger (guitar): spittin' insane psytrance with agitated guitar riffs
- TabulaRasa: puttin' the T in Tekno.

Join us:
Date: March 23
Place: Expirat (Constantin Istrati 1)
Time: 23:00 until very late.

We welcome everyone to come and dance, regardless of who you are or where you come from. We provide a safe space for all, and any behavior that promotes violence or discrimination will not be tolerated. If you see any problems, don't hesitate to contact our authorized staff, and action will be taken immediately.

So come and join us for the ultimate rave experience. Dance until you can't stand, and then dance some more. This is not just a party, it's a revolution. Get ready to witness the future of electronic music, because these youngsters just don't stop.