Machina Electronica


Acces: Cu plata

Where: nJOY (Mihai Bravu, 223) - former Spatiul Tehnic
When: 8th December
Price: 40 lei
Hour: from 22:00 until very late

"Then it arrived - a terrifying machine that broke the earth with its loud and alert sounds. It chose Bucharest as its place of vigil, the city of paradoxes, mystery, and meaningless things. All its inhabitants knew why it came: to unleash the strongest rave in history. And that's exactly how it was. ALL HAIL MACHINA ELECTRONICA, ALL HAIL RAVE NEW WORLD."

In the last few events MACHINA ELECTRONICA has had the honor of meeting great and established artists and accompanying them - but this time it's time for the MACHINA to show it's fury and power - again.

More unleashed than ever, MACHINA ELECTRONICA is nesting in another venue and more specifically nJOY - known to many as the former Spatiul Tehnic.
We're going back to the old school - back to the roots... so prepare yourself.

The maniacs behind the turntables that will orchestrate the magical sounds behind the colossal MACHINA will be:
•Stun - playing minimal
•Rekuz - playing drum and bass
•Leo - playing psytrance
•Tabularasa - playing tek