Live Cooking. Paste in roata de parmezan

Seri de...


Bucuresti , Naive


19 noiembrie 2023 15:00

Our cuisine is a masterpiece of unexpected shapes and textures, always deeply rooted in the heart of nature and overflowing with local authenticity.

Take a journey like no other, where we seamlessly blend the flavors of the past with the fragrances of today. Traditional ingredients sourced from all corners of the country are lovingly reimagined, offering a fresh perspective on familiar tastes.

It's the stories behind these flavors that we invite you to explore at Naive, where every dish holds a unique narrative.

And guess what? We're thrilled to announce that at Naive, we're rolling out the red carpet for everyone to join our live cooking experience! From Sunday to Thursday, indulge in exceptional culinary creations.

But here's the pièce de résistance! On Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday, immerse yourself in our exclusive Parmesan Wheel Pasta Experience. Watch our Chef work his magic as he crafts delectable pasta right before your eyes, inside a giant wheel of fine Italian cheese. It's a culinary spectacle you won't want to miss.