Friday Dive with Lucian Barbulescu


Acces: Gratuit

Set sail with us on January 19th for a night that promises to be as smooth as a calm sea aboard the Submarine. The amazing DJ Lucian Barbulescu takes the stage, ready to rock your boat with her high-energy mix, while the Captain's signature drinks keep the crew spirited and refreshed.

So hoist the anchor and secure your spot! Aye, Aye, Captain!

Because every weekend voyage deserves an adventurous kickoff, we've prepped a special treasure trove just for you:

1+1 Absolut Vodka = 350 lei
1+1 Havana Club Rum = 350 lei
1+1 Ballantine’s Whisky = 350 lei
1+1 Beefeater Gin = 350 lei