Date Night by Upfront


Booking : 0728 555 043

Aloha, social butterflies!

Mark your calendars because on July 25, we will host the first "Date Night' by Upfront at El Comandante. We've teamed up to ensure you have a night to remember (or maybe even forget, depending on your drink choices).

Now, we know you might be thinking, "Wait, isn't every night 'date night' on Upfront?" And while you're technically correct, we wanted to give you an extra special opportunity to meet your potential matches face-to-face in a vibrant and electrifying setting.

But wait, there's more! We have an exclusive offer for our punctual patrons. If you arrive before 12 o'clock midnight, you'll be treated to a fantastic 1+1 deal on long drinks. It's the perfect way to fuel your conversations and keep the good times flowing.

Here's where Upfront steps in, as your trusty wing-app (we're coining the term now, patent pending). You see, Date Night by Upfront is all about embracing the beauty of chance encounters with like-minded individuals. We've designed the Upfront app to allow you to match exclusively with people who are also attending the event. It's like a virtual cupid with a GPS tracker, ensuring you only connect with those who have caught your eye during the night. So keep your phones charged and ready for some digital matchmaking!

Blanari 21, Old City
25th July, 10PM