Cocktail & Food Pairing - Specially crafted in our workshop of flavours

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Bucuresti , Naive


24 noiembrie 2023 16:00

Acces: Cu plata

Every Friday you are invited to feed your soul and all your senses with an out-of-this world experience: a Cocktail & Food pairing tasting menu that goes above and beyond to make you discover the hidden gems that lie deep within the secrets of Mixology. Price - 179

Specially tailored for you, in our workshop of flavours, this collection of carefully selected Cocktails, that perfectly match with the food, aims to take you on a journey to unknown lands, where you will discover matches that keeps your senses stimulated and bring out undiscovered flavours.

Trough his fine-tuned art of cocktail mixology, our bartender will show off his unimaginable skills and create an unforgettable bar experience for you. And yes, he has lots of story to tell, so prepare yourself for one of a kind experience.